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Bed and Breakfast / Hotel Capital Allowances

Tax relief of over 25% of the property’s original purchase and refurbishment price is frequently available.

Corporate Office Capital Allowances

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Capital Allowances available on hotels

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Capital Allowances Specialists

If you own a commercial property or a furnished holiday letting in the UK and pay UK tax, claiming Capital Allowances will reduce your tax payable and/or secure you a tax refund. Use the calculator to see how much potential tax saving you could have by submitting a claim.

Capital Allowances specialists based in Stoke on Trent and Wrexham. Capital Allowances are a valuable tax relief given by HM Revenue & Customs (‘HMRC’) to UK taxpayers when fixed assets are purchased. We calculate Capital Allowances claims for commercial property owners.

  • The estimated Capital Allowances have been based on the highest % in the range
  • The above values are estimates only and are not guaranteed
  • Only once a detailed Capital Allowances survey has been undertaken can a final claim be established
  • Please note, the above applies to new builds and where maximum Capital Allowances are transferred for a second hand building

What can be claimed?

It is well known that Capital Allowances can be claimed on moveable plant or machinery purchases. What may be surprising is that Capital Allowances can also be claimed in respect of plant or machinery (‘fixtures’) within a commercial property.
Fixtures that can be claimed include:

  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Lifts, escalators and moving walkways
  • Sanitary and kitchen equipment
  • Fire alarms and security systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Cranes and gantries

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Commercial Property Owners

It is estimated that over 90% of commercial property owners have not claimed Capital Allowances on their properties which means their business may be missing out on tens of thousands of pounds of tax relief.

Tax relief of over 25% of the property’s original purchase and refurbishment price is frequently available.

If you are a commercial property owner and a UK taxpayer then why not contact us to see how much we can potentially help you save. There is no fee unless a claim is made.

Purchase / Sale of used property
purchases/sales of used property

The amount of Capital Allowances that can be claimed on the purchase of a used property is dependent on the tax history of the property and from April 2012 and April 2014 what the vendor and purchaser agree at the point of sale.

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Professionals in Capital Allowances
the Professionals

During the purchase process the Capital Allowances within a commercial property needs to be established. A full tax history of the property must be obtained and a clear understanding of the restrictions on any claim needs to be identified.

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CA Select Testimonials

If you are unsure of the impact of a Capital Allowances survey, let’s take a look at some of our testimonials.

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